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If motivated, a person can ruin your life with just their words. No physical evidence is needed for a Nevada court to issue a protective order that may attach a scarlet letter to your name. Being proactive and retaining an attorney is your best chance to successfully protect your rights.

Temporary Protective Orders (TPOs)

Temporary Protective Orders and Extended Protective Orders

In the state of Nevada, a person may obtain a temporary protective order against another person without giving them notice of their allegations or an opportunity to defend themselves. It is only after a temporary protective order has been issued that the alleged assailant has an opportunity to defend his or her name and rights.

After the applicant or petitioner has obtained a temporary protective order (TPO), the alleged abuser will receive a copy of the TPO and have an opportunity to provide a defense to oppose the issuance of an extended protective order (EPO).

Because the standard for issuing an EPO is so low, it is critical for anyone facing this dilemma to retain an experienced attorney who will aggressively defend their rights.

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If a TPO has been issued against you, protect yourself by contacting an experienced attorney. If you need an attorney for a case in Las Vegas or anywhere throughout Clark County, Nevada, I want to help.

My name is George Robinson, and I have successfully defended many clients in cases involving criminal charges and civil protection orders. If retained to handle your case, I can handle the civil protective order and any criminal charges you may face for battery domestic violence.

If You Think the System Is Stacked Against You — You Are Right

In the state of Nevada, it is very easy for a person to obtain a temporary protective order. Since the person seeking the TPO is not required to notify the alleged abuser, the case can be pretty much one sided from the start.

Once the TPO has been issued, the alleged victim is in the driver seat. A shadow of guilt automatically follows the alleged abuser even though he or she has not even had the opportunity to raise a defense.

How Can I Help?

If I am retained to handle your case, there are a number of measures I can take on your behalf. I can seek to dissolve or amend the TPO. I can oppose the issuance of an extended protective order and aggressively defend your rights if you are charged with a criminal offense for battery domestic violence charges.

If you need a dedicated lawyer who understands how to effectively combat allegations of abuse, protective orders and battery domestic violence charges, contact my law office in Las Vegas, Nevada. For assistance, call 702-233-4225, or contact me by e-mail.

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