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If this is your second arrest for battery domestic violence in Nevada, you are facing the possibility of some very stiff penalties. In many ways, the penalties for a second offense are double the penalties for a first offense. If this is your third offense, you are likely facing felony charges and the possibility of a significant sentence in Nevada state prison.

Second and Third Offenses

If You Have a Prior Battery Domestic Violence Conviction

As a state that is dedicated to the eradication of domestic violence, Nevada imposes severe penalties on anyone convicted of battery domestic violence. Defendants who are charged with a second or third battery domestic violence offense face stiff penalties. Be aware that mandatory jail time increases significantly with a second and third offense and counseling requirements can easily double from a first to a second conviction.

If you have been charged with battery domestic violence (BDV) in Las Vegas or anywhere throughout Clark County, I encourage you to contact me, attorney George Robinson. I devote a significant share of my criminal defense practice to the defense of clients charged with battery domestic violence charges.

I understand that many of these cases are the result of mutual altercations. I understand that what actually happened is often very different from what law enforcement has stated in the police report. If you need to speak with me about a BDV arrest, contact my law office in Las Vegas, Nevada. For assistance, call 702-233-4225, or contact me by e-mail.

Criminal Penalties for a Second or Third Offense

The penalties for a second BDV conviction are severe. A second BDV conviction carries a mandatory 10 day jail sentence and up to 52 weeks (one year) of required counseling. A third BDV offense is a felony that carries a mandatory one year prison sentence.

How Can I Help

As a criminal defense lawyer with extensive experience in BDV cases, I know how to raise a strong defense that is designed to achieve results in your case. If retained to handle your case, I will take the time to meet with you, speak with you on several occasions and understand the facts of your case.

I will make the effort to understand the dynamics of your situation and what really happened on that night that resulted in your arrest. I will aggressively defend your rights every step of the way and seek the best possible result I can achieve for you.

Handling Second and Third BDV Offenses

Because this is your second alleged offense, you immediately lose credibility with the prosecutor. They are likely to assume the worst about you. That is where I come into play.

I act as a buffer between you and the state. I will negotiate with the prosecution on your behalf, make sure they understand that I have investigated the case and I am willing to go to trial if they are not willing to be reasonable. I will negotiate with a firm resolve and a willingness to go to trial if necessary to protect your rights.

I have a tremendous track record in BDV cases. I have won acquittals for clients at both bench trials (trials before a judge without a jury) and jury trials. I have convinced prosecutors in some cases to dismiss charges, and I have obtained many favorable plea agreements that have significantly shielded clients from criminal penalties and adverse collateral consequences.

If you have been arrested and want an attorney who will take the time to listen, build a strong defense and aggressively protect your rights, contact my Las Vegas law office today at 702-233-4225.

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