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An arrest for a battery domestic violence charge can have serious repercussions. You could lose your job, it could affect the result of a child custody battle, you could lose your right to own a gun and you could even be prohibited from entering into certain professions. If your case is not handled properly, the consequences can follow you for the rest of your life.

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The state of Nevada imposes severe criminal penalties on anyone convicted of battery domestic violence. A battery domestic violence — first offense charge is typically a misdemeanor charge, but it may be elevated to a felony charge if committed with a deadly weapon, substantial bodily harm occurs, or during a time at which a temporary protective order is in effect.

The criminal penalties for a battery domestic violence conviction are severe. For a first misdemeanor offense, you could face these and other penalties:

  • Up to six months in jail
  • Two-day mandatory jail sentence
  • 26 weeks of required counseling, one and a half hours per week
  • Court fines, community service and probation
  • Imposition of a protective order

For a second misdemeanor offense, you could face these and other penalties, including:

  • Up to six months in jail
  • 10-day mandatory jail sentence
  • 52 weeks of required counseling, one and a half hours per week
  • Court fines, community service and probation

If you are convicted of felony battery domestic violence charges, your penalties may include:

  • A one-year mandatory sentence in state prison
  • A maximum sentence of five years in state prison
  • Counseling, community service, fines, probation and a protective order

Unfortunately, the criminal penalties you receive for a conviction are just the start of the negative consequences you will face. For most people convicted of battery domestic violence, the most severe consequences are not the criminal penalties, but the collateral consequences of their criminal conviction.

The Collateral Consequences You May Face

If you are convicted of battery domestic violence, there are a number of consequences you may face. You could get fired from your job. If you are getting a divorce involving children, your right to custody and visitation may be severely limited. You could lose your right to own a firearm.

If you are unemployed, a criminal conviction could hurt your ability to find work. If you are thinking about going back to school for a graduate degree or Associates Degree of any kind, a battery domestic violence conviction could hurt your changes of gaining admission to the school or program of your choice.

Some professions may bar applicants seeking a professional license that have a battery domestic violence conviction. Anyone who has a professional license could be subject to sanctions by the governing board of their profession.

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