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If you are charged with a felony battery in a domestic violence situation, you are in danger of going to Nevada state prison for the next one to five years. Hiring the right attorney is your job. Being the right attorney is mine. - Attorney George Robinson

Felony Battery Domestic Violence

Felony Battery Domestic Violence Charges — Nevada

Clark County Criminal Defense Lawyer George Robinson

As a criminal defense lawyer, I believe that every person charged with a criminal offense has a right to receive a vigorous defense from a knowledgeable attorney who cares. I believe that as criminal charges become more and more severe, a defendant's need for qualified legal counsel increases.

This is especially true in the case of battery domestic violence charges. If you have been charged with felony battery domestic violence (BDV) in the state of Nevada, you face the possibility of a mandatory one year sentence in Nevada state prison. The maximum penalty for a felony BDV is up to 5 years in state prison.

As an experienced negotiator and trial lawyer, I have helped many clients who have been charged with felony BDV. I devote a significant portion of my criminal law practice to the representation of clients in BDV cases.

Why I Get Results

Prosecutors in Clark County know that when I take a criminal case, I mean business. I like handling BDV cases because I know that these cases are often the result of a simple dispute that has been blown completely out of proportion to what really happened.

Nevada's laws against BDV are well intentioned, but they create a tremendous number of cases that never should have reached the point of arrest, let alone the filing of criminal charges. In the state of Nevada, a police officer is required to make an arrest when they are called out to a home and allegations of abuse have been made. This is true even if the alleged victim recants, even if the alleged abuse was nothing more than the slightest touch or the altercation was entirely mutual in nature.

I understand that when I take the time to investigate what actually happened, most of the time the prosecution's case will unravel in some way, shape or form.

Aggressively Defending Your Rights

As a defendant, you have rights — I will aggressively defend those rights.

If retained to handle your case, I will take the time to listen to you, determine what happened, create an aggressive plan of action that is personalized to you, negotiate with a firm resolve and prepare for the possibility of trial.

In most of the cases I handle, I am able to convince the prosecution to be much more reasonable than they were willing to be at the start of the case. Most prosecutors will eventually offer a reasonable deal if they understand what really happened and if they understand that your attorney has the willingness and trial skills to aggressively defend your rights at trial.

Contact My Law Office in Las Vegas, Nevada

If you need to speak with a lawyer about felony battery domestic violence charges, contact me at my Las Vegas law office today at 702-233-4225, or contact me by e-mail.

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