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A battery domestic violence charge involves complex issues in personal relationships and in criminal law. Even if the alleged victim later recants his or her story, the prosecutor may have a policy that requires them not to drop the charge. The State will often press on with criminal charges regardless of the feelings of the complainant.

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Your spouse, lover or ex-lover called the police because you were in an argument and he or she wanted the police to come over and calm the situation. Perhaps there was no violence at all or maybe there was some slight pushing or contact of a minimal nature. Maybe there was an altercation, but it was mutual and no one was injured. Maybe you were not even the aggressor.

You thought it was nothing and the police would just go away. But when the police got to your home, they were irate. They wouldn't listen. They wouldn't believe you.

You were arrested and taken to jail. Now you face charges for battery domestic violence, a serious criminal charge that could result in jail time, probation, court ordered counseling and a criminal record.

You Are Not Alone

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone. More people are arrested in the state of Nevada for battery domestic violence than you could believe. It is one of the most common causes of arrest in Nevada.

The System Seems Unfair You Don't Deserve This Treatment

You got in an argument and a mutual altercation incurred. Your spouse was equally responsible, but you were the one who was arrested and hauled off to jail. Now you are reading the police report and the officer has misinterpreted the situation or taken events out of context.

You know that you are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, but it seems like you are guilty until proven innocent.

False Allegations When Divorce Is on the Horizon

Many allegations of spousal abuse or assault occur during the divorce process and child custody battles. Criminal defense attorneys and divorce attorneys both know that people make false allegations to get a leg up in a custody battle or to get revenge when they are upset about a domestic argument.

A police officer arriving on the scene may have no knowledge of this context. Some officers do not have the patience to listen or the ability to know when they are being manipulated by a person who knows how to game the system. Nevertheless, when police are called to the scene of a family violence complaint, an arrest will be made.

How Do You Fight Back?

A successful defense is possible. The key is to find the right attorney. You want an attorney that has the experience to handle your case properly and the dedication to give your case the time and attention it deserves.

If you are facing charges for battery domestic violence in Clark County, I encourage you to contact me, attorney George Robinson. I have successfully represented many clients charged with battery domestic violence in Las Vegas and throughout Clark County, Nevada. As an experienced negotiator and skilled trial lawyer, I can provide the vigorous defense you need.

If you have been charged with battery domestic violence or have been served with a temporary protection order, contact my Las Vegas law office at 702-233-4225, or contact me by e-mail.

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