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Before the prosecutor reaches the point where he or she will be reasonable, your attorney must take the time to help the prosecutor understand what really happened. The prosecutor must know that your attorney has gone through the steps to investigate the case and the State could lose at trial.

Battery Domestic Violence Overview

Battery Domestic Violence — Attorney George Robinson

I devote much of my criminal law practice to defending clients charged with battery domestic violence. Because my focus is devoted to this area of the law, I understand the issues, complications and defenses that play a significant role in these cases.

As an experienced criminal defense attorney who has handled many cases in Clark County, I have extensive knowledge of the criminal justice system, criminal law and procedure. As a result, I have a good idea of what to expect and how to proceed in battery domestic violence cases.

I represent clients in Las Vegas and throughout Clark County that are charged with misdemeanor and felony battery domestic violence charges. I also help clients with issues pertaining to protective orders, including motions to dissolve temporary protective orders (TPO) and representation at hearings in which my client is opposing the issuance of an extended protective order (EPO).

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I encourage you to learn more about my experience, my philosophy and my aggressive defense of client's rights in battery domestic violence cases. Please visit any of the following pages to learn more about key issues concerning battery domestic violence:

If you need to speak with a lawyer about a domestic violence charge in Clark County, I encourage you to contact me at my law office in Las Vegas, Nevada. Call 702-233-4225 to speak with me or schedule an appointment. Feel free to contact me by e-mail as well.

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George Robinson, the lead attorney in our criminal defense practice, successfully defends clients charged with matters relating to battery domestic violence, dui, dwi, drug crimes, theft, fraud, and property offenses.