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When the police and prosecution won’t listen and the system seems stacked against you, I will take the time to understand what really happened and provide the vigorous defense you need.

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"I have devoted myself to handling domestic violence cases because they are often so frivolous. A lot of people get caught up in an argument and get arrested although they are generally good, law abiding citizens. The state often has a weak case that can be attacked effectively if an attorney knows what they are doing and is willing to take the time to handle the case properly." — Attorney George E. Robinson.

Las Vegas/Clark County Defense Lawyer: George E. Robinson

Hello, my name is George E. Robinson. I am a Nevada criminal defense lawyer that is focused on the defense of clients charged with battery domestic violence (BDV) charges. I defend clients throughout Clark County, Nevada that have been charged with misdemeanor or felony BDV charges. I also defend clients in civil protection order hearings.

When I take a case, I do so with an understanding that a criminal conviction for BDV can have a life-altering effect on a client's life. I provide each of my clients with experienced and aggressive representation.

Because I take so much time to understand the facts of each case and what really happened, I am able to effectively convey to prosecutors the facts of each case. I am also able to communicate to prosecutors that I am prepared to provide an aggressive defense of my clients' rights at trial if necessary.

As a result of my meticulous approach to case management, I am often able to achieve significant results for clients through a case dismissal, acquittal or effective plea bargain to a lesser charge or with lesser penalties. A vigorous defense is essential.

Other Criminal Charges

Although battery domestic violence cases are the primary focus of my criminal law practice, I do offer experience and aggressive representation on behalf of clients in other criminal law matters. Some of the other charges I handle include drug possession, theft, fraud, property crimes and solicitation.

I am an attorney at Pezzillo Robinson, which is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you need to speak with a lawyer about a battery domestic violence charge or a protective order hearing, contact me today at 702-233-4225. Feel free to contact me by e-mail as well.

George E. Robinson Attorney at Law

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George Robinson, the lead attorney in our criminal defense practice, successfully defends clients charged with matters relating to battery domestic violence, dui, dwi, drug crimes, theft, fraud, and property offenses.