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Las Vegas Nevada Criminal Law Lawyer

Clark County Domestic Violence Attorney

If you have been charged with battery domestic violence in Nevada, do not make the mistake of taking your charges lightly. A lot of these cases seem silly and frivolous, but if they are not handled appropriately, the consequences can be very serious.

If you are convicted of battery domestic violence, you could lose your job, your children and even your freedom. Criminal penalties for battery domestic violence may include jail time, probation, court ordered counseling for up to a year and other serious penalties.

Protect Your Rights Retain a Criminal Defense Attorney

DO NOT try to handle your case by yourself and DO NOT plead guilty without talking to an attorney. A conviction for battery domestic violence can follow you for a lifetime, so it is critical to retain an experienced criminal law attorney who can provide the experienced, knowledgeable and aggressive defense you need.

Call 702-233-4225 to Contact Attorney George Robinson of Pezzillo Lloyd

If you have been charged with battery domestic violence in Las Vegas or anywhere throughout Clark County, contact me, attorney George Robinson. I have successfully defended hundreds of clients accused of battery domestic violence. I have won jury trials and bench trials, successfully argued for the dismissal of charges, and obtained favorable plea agreements for many clients facing battery domestic violence charges.

If retained to handle your case, I will provide a vigorous defense against the criminal charges you face and represent you at any hearings involving a protective order that has been issued or may be pending.

I will systematically review the facts in your case and the events leading up to your arrest. Based on my understanding of these facts and the strength of the case against you, I will recommend a legal strategy designed to obtain the best result in your circumstances.

In some cases, I may be able to convince the prosecutor to drop the charge or reduce it to a lesser offense. In others, I may be able to negotiate a plea agreement on favorable terms. If the prosecution is not willing to be reasonable, I will be fully prepared to provide a vigorous defense on your behalf at trial.

If you need to speak with me about a battery domestic violence charge or a protective order, call 702-233-4225, or contact me by e-mail.

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George Robinson, the lead attorney in our criminal defense practice, successfully defends clients charged with matters relating to battery domestic violence, dui, dwi, drug crimes, theft, fraud, and property offenses.